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Mr. Nilambar Rath is a known name in Odisha journalism. He has got rich and varied experience in the field of print, audio-visual and web media covering the key areas like newsgathering, writing, copy editing, camera production, television news and programme anchoring and media business management.

Over the years, Mr. Rath has developed a deep passion towards teaching, especially in the field of mass communication and journalism. He is been engaged in teaching, training and academic writings over a few years. He visits universities and leading mass communication institutions across the state and outside and teach on different subjects of media with a focus on television newsgathering and production, digital content creation and media management.

During his professional career at different vernacular and national level media organizations, over the past one decade, Mr. Nilambar has been involved in conceptualizing and leading training and mentoring programmes for young and middle level journalists, news managers, TV producers, camerapersons and broadcast technicians etc.

As the Mentor and CEO of 'Academy for Media Learning', Mr. Rath leads the academic and all other professional training and career programmes, research and production activities designed and run by the team.


Mr. Rath edits the innovative web resources, www.medialearning.in, of the company which aims to create relevant resources on media education and training including developing ample reference and research materials for media students and professionals. The portal also aims to play the role of a bridge and help to connect 'classroom with the newsroom' and vice versa.

'Academy For Media Learning' also creates relevant and interesting audio-visual content for television and web media and show case some selective output at popular YouTube Partner Channel www.youtube.com/odishalive.

Mr. Nilambar is actively associated with the world of on-line journalism in Odisha and plays the role of 'Editorial Advisor' to leading news portal odisha360.com. The portal deals with news, news analysis, features, investigative reports, social networking and a lot of relevant information and web services on Odisha.

As the Founder and CEO at 'Academy for MediaLearning', Mr. Rath focuses on quality deliveries on media education, training, research, production and consulting services with a focus on Broadcast and Web Media.

Mr. Rath is a creative writer. He writes poetry and non-fiction. Mr. Nilambar, was born in 1968, in a village called Nimani, a part of Nayagarh district, Odisha. He currently lives at Bhubaneswar, popularly called as Temple City of Odisha.

Mr. Rath holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Email: rath.nilambar@gmail.com, ceo@medialearning.in, Cell: +91-93371 41944
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