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Its an outstanding initiative, to be honest, media in Odisha has changed dramatically recently. Earlier time, media in Odisha was preoccupied by socialitist political thoughts directly affecting development, but today due to some dynamic and open young people media in Odisha is becoming more open and modern approaching towards the right direction. In this case contribution by young, intelligent, professional, dedicated and dynamic journalist like Mr. Rath is noteworthy. Hope Odisha continue to produce more such personality and bring a media revolution that has already started in the state. Thank you. Digambara Patra Asst. Professor AUB Beirut (Lebanon)

Scrap By: Digambara Patra
Thank u Sir for giving us ur precious time n enlightening us with pros n cons of TV journalism. Hoping 4 ur best. Ananta prasad, IIMC, Dhenkanal

Scrap By: ananta prasad